Guitar Lessons For Children-What Should I Do First?

Before we go any further, I want to tell you that special guitar lessons for children aren’t really available You see, every one’s studying and playing the same music. The same rules apply to everybody.

In this entry, I will provide the justification for the aforementioned statements. When contemplating guitar lessons for children, I think we can all agree that children for many reasons are not the same as gownups.

The guitar is a little bit different than some of the other instruments. A friend of mine started playing violin in grade school. His violin was virtually identical to one that would have been played by a grownup, but there is at least one reason that this wouldn’t have happened with a guitar, plus he had to deal with the issue that every child musician has to deal with, the two obstacles were:

Small Hands

Short Attention Span

Physical Differencess
You already know this, but every part of a kid’s body is smaller than a grownup’s I remember when I was a child, I thought my parents were giants. Especially my dad. He’s all of 5’8″, but I remember looking at his shoes in his closet thinking, “I’ll never be that big”.I remember the first time I picked up a guitar. To my utter disappointment, my hands just weren’t big enough to play the thing.

Child’s Guitars

Back when I first picked up a guitar, I had no idea that the people that make guitars also construct them for little people too (I hope that was politically correct). If one of your kids is making noise about learning guitar, so that you have a feeling that you will soon be in the market for guitar lessons for children, begin your examination of the whole learn guitar thing by first checking on the availability of child sized guitars. Even though you don’t have the lessons yet, you will be a hero to your kid!
New Child’s Guitars

Beware if considering buying a new guitar. Most instrument stores don’t stock child’s guitars because they are a low volume item. You may end up paying extra to have a guitar custom made ; then you may also have to pay the shipping costs. Try to find a used child’s guitar or a rental. You don’t know for sure that your kid will be playing guitar in ten years, but you do know for sure that in a few short years he or she will be growing up. After they grow up, he or she will for sure want an adult guitar. The chances of getting your money back are much greater with a used guitar

Inexpensive Guitars

When I say used guitar, I don’t mean cheap guitar. There are quality used guitars and cheap used guitars. Go for the quality. Relatively inexpensive guitars are fairly plentiful and easy to find. Try to resist the urge to pick one up. The reason that inexpensive guitars are bad for students is because they are built with compromises. Usually they are built with the strings too far from the neck. This is done so that the neck can warp and the guitar can still be played, but the student will have great difficulty playing it. I’ve seen guitars real cheap on Craigslist. I’ve even checked some of them out. I could play them with some difficulty, but I’ve never found one that I would recommend to a someone just starting to learn.

Short Attention Span

Before buying guitar lessons for children, the other important thing to think about is that children almost always have a short attention span. When I remember my own childhood, To this day I still don’t believe I was really that way, but I’m sure my parents would disagree. My wife and I got used to finding the half finished projects around the house.


When all four of my children expressed a desire to play guitar, my first thought was, “here we go again”.

It seems that most boys want to learn guitar about the same time that they discover girls. In my boy’s case, the girls won. One of my boys showed a renewed interest in the guitar when he was about 19 and went out and purchased his own.

My son really fooled me by getting back into guitar.

You have the guitar, you have your kids short attention span in mind, you just need the guitar lessons for children. When shopping for lessons, the short attention span is of utmost importance to keep in mind.

The Actual Lessons

When I was a kid, we pretty much only had one option for getting lessons and that was to retain an instructor.

We didn’t have it when I was a kid, but now I’m learning that absolutely everything is on the internet. While you’re surfing around on your computer, you’ll notice at least two types of sites where you can get your guitar lessons for children. One type has lessons that are actually prerecorded videos. You pay a one time fee and then watch the videos anytime you want. With the other type of site, you pay a small fee every month and then receive so many lessons per month. You won’t get a refund if you don’t use the lessons.

The Best Choice

When you’re on the computer shopping for guitar lessons for children, I think you’ll agree that the one time fee is the best for you.

A personal instructor is trying to pay his bills so he wouldn’t be very happy about his student dropping guitar in favor of something else. An instructor wouldn’t want one of his students to “take a break” because of the deterioration of skills and the possibility that the child may never play again.

Having an instructor isn’t the only situation where it may be hard to do something else. If your child belonged to a membership site, you would still be paying even during a short break.

What Have We Learned?

If your children express an interest in playing, you can insure their success by buying the right guitar lessons for children. You’re the responsible one. Sometimes you have to step back from the situation and honestly evaluate what your child will do. Considering everything I’ve learned about kids as a parent plus everything I’ve learned while teaching kids to play guitar, I’d say that when you’re looking for guitar lessons for children, you can’t go wrong with a site like Guitar Superstars. A group of lessons that would work out well with the above criteria are the lessons from Guitar Superstars. If you decide the lessons would be good for your child, I will receive compensation. To check them out, click on Guitar Superstars. There is additional information about guitar lessons for children in this MSN Spaces article

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